Sunday on Camp Rainey Mountain

Hi Scout Families,
We arrive safe and sound to this Saturday evening.  It is quite pretty in the mountains of North Georgia.
Sunday was spent getting acquainted with our new home for the week, including getting our swim test out of the way.  All the scouts are adjusting well and happy.
The internet and cellular service is extremely limited, s o we will do our best to keep you informed as the week goes by.  No worries we plan on have a fantastic week on top of ole Rainey Mountain.

YIS, Mr. Forbes ASM 854

Great 2nd Day of Metal Workshop & Campout

We are happy to report all scouts have finished their metal working projects and they are impressive. (Both the scouts and their metal works) Perfect weather for all outdoor activities. To top of the day we had a very respectful Flag retirement ceremony. This involves taking old, discarded and tattered flags and in the traditional manor incenerating them in an open fire. We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow around noon.

Camp Comes to a Close

Closing campfire ceremonies got rained out tonight. Scouts are all ready for an early morning departure to head back home. We’re shooting to get back by around 6pm. We did manage to get in a campfire of our own last night. Also a picture of our first year scouts that graduated from the Mountain Man program today. Congratulations to all of them. They did a great job, had some fun and earned a few merit badges. See you all soon.

Rain Delay

Got some heavy rain last night that through off the schedule last night so no post went out yesterday. Here’s a couple days of pics. Some horseback riding pics from yesterday. We made it early to dinner assembly line up. And some shooting merit badge qualifying. First years are working on their basket weaving projects right now (sorry, no action shots) and a campfire is underway for the evening. No s’mores, but milk and cookies pending.

Not So Rainy

A lot of rain forecast today, but we only got a little. It was nice because the temp was down several degrees. Pictures include 1st year flag ceremony practice, waiting in lunch line, hike to Davis Inn, tomahawk throwing, rock wall climbing and repelling.

Happy 4th of July From Camp Woodruff

The boys got started on merit badges today. Heard a lot of grumbling of having to sit through all the lectures on safety and best use that accompany all the activities. It’s been hot today, so we’re pushing a lot of fluids. Water activities are popular. Here are some pics from wood carving, archery, swimming, blobbing, and the daily assembly at dinnertime.

We Made It!

We’re here, we’re safe, and it’s beautiful. First shot, rest area middle of nowhere Georgia, not beautiful. Second shot, at Camp Woodruff.