Rainey on Friday

We have had a really good time in this majestic setting.

Including the cookout we had at the campsite which included 
silver turtles or hobo dinners cooked on hot coals.

Dutch oven peach cobbler.

As well as quesadillas with chips and salsa.


Oh did I forget to mention ice cream. Well it was 
filling and delicious.

Packing up now. We miss you all and will see you 
Saturday evening hopefully between 6 and 7 pm. 

Mr. Forbes
ASM Troop 854

Rainey On Thursday

The first year scouts are almost done with TNT 
training.  That's short for "The New Trail."  And 
they are pretty happy to boot.

All the scouts are "on target" for their 
merit badges.

Today marked free range Thursday.  The scouts 
chose strategic ways to spend their time, 
from cross hairs to check mate.

Everyone should be proud. We were awarded 
first place in the campsite inspections. 
Go 854!!! One more day of beautiful Camp 
Rainey Mountain then we will be on our way 
back.  See ya soon.

Mr. Forbes
ASM Troop 854

Rainey On Wednesday

We are now at the midway point of our summer camp journey.  All the scouts are holding up great and living up to their potential.

We still have a ways to go to finish off the many merit badges but we are weaving our way through.

A few of the leaders even made the strenuous, but worth while, trek up the mountain to a look out point called Big Rock. What a view and what a hike.

We even have a new, technologically advanced weather prediction system put together by some of the scouts.


No worries from here as the fun and adventure continue.  Here is a fun look at one of one scout flying high.
Today’s Video – Click to download

Mr. Forbes
ASM Troop 854

Rainey On Tuesday

Happy Birthday America! What a great way to celebrate Independence Day here on beautiful Rainey Mountain.

And the scouts all celebrated a break from bad breath because it is toothbrush Tuesday

Once again living up to it’s name the rain came but the did not deter these young men from merit badges and fun.

And we leave you with some of those thing that make this the land that we love.

See you soon.

Mr. Forbes
ASM Troop 854

Rainey On Monday

Literally it was raining on Monday at Rainey Mountain Scout Camp, on and off, all day. But that did little to dampen the spirits of the scouts from 854
No matter the weather there is always something to do. From morning until afternoon scouts were busy with their Merritt badge classes. From theater to leather works.
The fun can be found on land and in the water of this gorgeous setting.
The ability to communicate through wifi and/or cellular is extremely limited and tickled at best, which is a blessing a curse.
Anyway we are hard at work and play and will keep you updated as beat as possible.

YIS, Mr. Forbes ASM Troop 854

Delayed Updates From Camp Rainey Mountain

Internet and cellular data access at the camp are really weak, if available at all.  Please be patient, as it will be difficult to get out timely updates.  Trips into town are required to get an adequate signal to send updates.  But please do check back.